McCann’s Irish Bar

I didn’t have a chance to drink all that much this weekend; what with the excitement of the kegerator build and that pay day comes after the weekend (Tuesday, actually), but I did have the chance to visit a pub I’d never been to.  I hadn’t even heard of McCann’s before I saw their tap lineup on Booze List, but I decided right then that it had been too long since I visited an Irish style pub.  I had it in my head that I would be drinking off their bottle list and staying away from their draught lineup because Guinness and Killkenny don’t excite me the way a bottle of Schlenkerla might.  But forgetting all that when I got there I ponyed up to the bar and ordered my self a pint of Edelpils.  It’s not uncommon to see me with a pint of Edelpils even when I am surrounded by good craft beer; it’s a solid pilsner, which is borderline impossible to find in Japan.  After washing my chicken and chips down with the last swig of Edelpils, I decided to ask what the special was.  “Hitachino Nest Oaked XH” was the master’s reply.  I ordered myself a couple pints of that tasty brew and then I figured it was time to make my judgement of this little pub.  Overall I really enjoyed myself.  The master was friendly and prompt with my beers.  He knew enough English to make up for my lack of Japanese, which is always an added bonus in my book.  The tap list is sorta dull, but the Edelpils is a nice find and if they continue to bring in quality guest beers then I can’t really complain.  With a bottle list that hovers around 20 international brews, you should be able to get something tasty even if the draught is less than desirable.  The food is pretty solid pub grub with UK influence (they call the french fries “chips” so it must be authentic, right?).  The decor is dark wood with dark lighting.  Is that really what passes for Irish?  There was rugby on the Tv so I guess I’ll let it slide.  I really enjoyed my time at McCann’s and would probably go back if I didn’t so far from civilization.   

On the web: McCann’s Irish Bar


One thought on “McCann’s Irish Bar

  1. Awesome! Glad you liked the bar. It’s more or less a local bar for me. They do have some interesting guest beers and in small barrels, so they change quite a lot. Think it’s another ‘Japanese Irish’ bar, though. Still, good quality pints. Nice bottle selection too. The owner likes his whisky – not a bad selection. Nice write up. Thank you.

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