The Build (AKA WDNNSB P.2)

I could give you my spiel about why I decided to enter the wonderful world of kegging, but it would be the same story you’ve probably read a hundred times.  It’s not news to any home brewer that bottling can be a pain.  It consumes a lot of valuable time and all those bottles take up a ton of space whether they are full of delicious HB or sitting empty waiting for their next assignment. 


I lucked into a free refrigerator that is nearly the perfect size for kegging.  Only two painless modifications were necessary to fit my two five-gallon corney kegs and CO2 bottle inside the fridge.  First,  sitting side-by-side the kegs were about 3/4 of an inch too wide for the fridge.  That was a simple fix; I cut out the shelf supports that are molded into the sides, and, tada, perfect.  The second mod was to fit the CO2 bottle in the main compartment, as well.  The motor takes up some of the fridge compartment but actually aids me here.  It acts as a partial shelf to hold the CO2 bottle. 

 All I had to do to give myself a little peace of mind was cut down one the of shelves I won’t be using to approximately 2 inches wide and slide it in the remaining portion of the lowest shelf support.  Have you ever cut through a refridgerator shelf?  I hadn’t.  I had also never paid an ounce of attention to the thickness of one of those shelves.  I pulled out my handy box cutter and began scoring the plastic thinking I would be able to snap it apart after a few passes.  After 15 minutes of getting nowhere, and tired of the shelf laughing at my futility, I stormed off to the local hardware store and bought a small saw.  Thinking that I was in for an easy day I began sawing away.  20 minutes of vigorous manual labor later I finally reached the finish line.  I now understand how strong a shelf must be to hold up a couple gallons of milk, a case of beer, and whatever moldy food long forgotten is in the back of my fridge.

 So there she is in all her glory.  Not a finished kegerator quite yet, but we’re well on the way to draught beer in the home.  The faucets are on their way and hopefully will arrive before the weekend is here.  I’d love to finish this thing up Saturday since I won’t be doing any drinking (on call this weekend) but feel like my life must continue to revolve around home brewing.


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