Rookie. When I look at my blog as it currently stands that is the first word to come to mind. It seems I have no direction, no emphasis, and no thought provoking posts. When I started this in 2007 my intention was to write about the Japanese craft scene as best as a deploy-able Sailor could do, but as I re-read my most recent posts it looks as though I’ve gotten away from that. I haven’t put the time and effort into each post as I should and instead have rambled my way around my thoughts in a fairly confusing manner. My vacation is rapidly approaching and will be spending the majority of August in the US. While the theme of the trip isn’t beer related, I will be getting as much beer in when and where I can. Stops in New York City, Ohio, and even a trip down to North Carolina are planned and should lend to plenty of beer drinking opportunities, which will give me plenty to write about here. I’m going to use this trip as a way of honing my research skills so when I get back to Japan I can inform and entertain once again.  I hope you haven’t written Tuesday Pints off quite yet, there is plenty of room to grow. 

As for returning the Tuesday to “Tuesday Pints,”  that begins anew in about five days.  I know I’m excited.


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