Welcome back, me.

It’s been quite some time, my apologies for that.  I had a great time drinking local  through about seven states during August.  Now that it’s September I’m back at work, which means I’m back doing the Navy thing somewhere in the ocean.  I’d like to say I’ll be gathering my notes from home and writing some epic posts, but we get sort of busy out here so I wouldn’t hold my breath.  I’m no less enthusiastic about this blog, though, but I have some major commitments I have to take care of first.  I’m looking at December and a whole host of newness.  And I’m really looking forward to the first taste of that Oatmeal Milk Stout.

Before I got out to the great blue ocean I had a chance to return to one of the classics of craft beer.  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, of course.  I still remember my first sip while I was still a new born beer geek, and realizing that the bitter beer face Keystone warned me about was actually a good thing.  Unfortunately, it did its job too well, and I soon moved on the hoppier IPAs.  It has probably been two years since I’ve quenched my thirst with a SNPA.  The base club in Sasebo is stocked with the stuff.  I generally avoid base clubs because of the poor beer selection and drunk 20-year-old Sailors, but the draw of SNPA is too strong for any of the annoyances to matter.  While I now find it to be a little light on the hops, it is just as delicious as ever.  A crisp body followed by refreshing hop bitterness brings a smile to my face each night.  I’m almost glad that Sasebo is a wasteland of good beer, I would have never gotten reacquainted with this old friend.


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