Pub Review: The Full Monty

(I wrote this way back in July and just noticed I never posted it, enjoy)

When I drink during the week I usually do it on the comfort of my couch, watching some movie I’ve seen a hundred times, and pretending to know more about beer than I actually do.  A few days back I had the urge to sip on a fresh pint in a nice pub somewhere in Yokohama.  I’ve been in a bitter/mild/something English mood the past few weeks, mainly because of the oppressive heat wave we’re currently in.  Luckily for me I knew of a place in Yokohama that specialized in the malty English delights.  While I’d never been, the bartender at Cheers had told me about The Full Monty a couple times during my visits and decided this was a good a time as any to explore this new pub.  Being right across from Yokohama stadium, this is really easy to find (the union jack out front helps, also).  I was relived to leave the disgusting heat behind me and take a seat at the bar.  I knew what I was in for before I arrived thanks to my internetting prior to catching my train.  The beer would be of English style.  The selction would not blow my socks off.  I would be eating English grub for dinner.  Had I expected anything other than that I may have been let down.  As it was, the London Pride was polished off the night before which left me to the Tetley’s and Murphy’s Irish Stout.  I’ve never been a big Tetley’s fan but for whatever reason it refreshed me that day.    I sucked that one down and settled in for a meal.  Unable to make up my mind I decided to have a go at the daily sandwich, which was a slab of meat and some thick cut veggies.  I can’t recall the name but it was a fine meal, and filling, too.  Washing that down with a Murphy’s Irish Stout I decided it was time for a second Murphy’s and then time to make my way back to Yokosuka.  (What really happened was a stop at Yokohama Blendmeister, Cheers, and Thrash Zone.  An impromptu pub crawl on a week night that left me a little less than prepared to start the next day) 

If I wasn’t aware of what The Full Monty was all about before I showed up I may have been dissapointed with the selection of brews.  But, as any smart beer geek does in Japan, I had researched the night’s destination and made peace with what I was to be drinking that night.  I was happy with the pub, the ale, and the barkeep was a friendly British expat that kept my beers a coming.  I’m sure I’ll make my way back the next time I’m in the mood for a smooth English ale to fend off my thirst.

On the web: The Full Monty


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