Black Evil?

Thrash Zone (My favorite tiny Japanese bar) is putting on what they call The Black X’mas Series: Battle of Black Evil, at the moment.  What is the battle of Black Evil?  A match-up between Minoh’s (JAPAN) amazing Imperial Stout, and North Coast’s (USA) Old Rasputin, which is also amazing.  1300 yen gets you a half pint of each, plus a Hatosable cookie as well.  While I don’t know what a Hatosable cookie is, I do know what both those beers are (I think I do, at least.  If the Minoh is the same as their Valentine Stout from last year) and will be partaking in this little challenge just as soon as I can.  I’d say get yourself to Thrash Zone and try both of them out, then stick around and have a few pints of some of his other excellent guest beers.  What Thrash lacks in size they more than make up for in quality and variety of beer.  


On the web: Thrash Zone


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