Sankt Gallen Apple Cinnamon Ale

I picked up this bottle at Tokyu Hands while shopping for completely non-beer related items that I was going to use for beer.  You see, I needed a new notebook to write my impressions of the brews I drink and wanted something a little nicer than the flimsy spiral pocket notebooks I’d been using.  Upon seeing the bottle two distinct thoughts passed through my head:

sankt-gallen-apple-cinnamon-ale1.  Sankt Gallen is a good brewery and I haven’t had anything new from them in quite some time.  2.  I like both apples and cinnamon.  (OK, three thoughts went through my head, the final one being BEER!  BEER!  BEER!)  I was pretty surprised at how much the aroma reminded me of freshly baked apple pie.  It was fantastic and I didn’t wait too long to take a deep gulp of the beer.  The cinnamon is the most apparent flavor with light caramel malts and maybe the slightest apple notes coming through, as well.  The cinnamon bites your tongue, but not in an offensive manner, making this a very drinkable beer.  When I finished I knew that one per sitting was enough even though it was a thoroughly enjoyable brew.   I recently saw more of this beer at the World Porters mall in Yokohama so I know it’s still out there.  Grab a bottle of this winter treat if you come across it, you won’t regret it.

On the web: Sankt Gallen Brewery


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