IPAs for the rest of us

I’m generally not first in line when hearing about a new Japanese IPA.  Why?  Well, If I drink an IPA I want it to be hopped to the eXtreme! and I’m sorry to the amazing brewers in the country, but I’ve never been slapped across the face by a Japanese IPA the way I’ve been physically assaulted by American brews of the same variety.  Baird does have a couple beers out there that have impressed me, though.  Their Hatsujozo Double IPA cracked a whip across my tongue when I had it last- so I know it’s possible.  That is why I will be attending Baird’s IPA Festival 2009, starting, well, two days agao if you are near the Fishmarket Taproom.  From Jan 7th – Jan. 17th, the Fishmarket will be offering ten different IPAs and double IPAs.  The same ten hoppy ales will be on tap at the Nakameguro Taproom starting Jan. 17 and running through the lines until the 26th.  IPAs, Imperial (double) IPAs, and even a couple on hand-pump will be quenching the thirst of us hop heads.  

The lineup is as follows:

Teikoku IPA – This is Baird’s year-around IPA.  Should be fun to compare the others to their standard.

Obama’s New Era IPA – Real ale on hand-pump.

Imperial Glory IPA – Real ale on hand-pump.

Columbus IPA – Using only the columbus variety of hop.

Horizon IPA – Using only the horizon variety of hop.  Should be fun to compare to the columbus.

Brewmaster’s Nightmare Rye IPA – Rye malt in an IPA?  Glorious.

Citrus IPA – An 8% ABV brew with fresh juice and peels of Heda mikans.

Bitter Cold Day Black IPA – A black body due to the darker malts used.

Hatsujozo 2009 Double IPA – An Imperial IPA.  I couldn’t get enough of the 2008 version.

Kinshu Domei Double IPA – 80 IBUs and 8% ABV.  

I know I’ll be there.


One thought on “IPAs for the rest of us

  1. I was in numazu last weekend. Had a blast. My favs were the Imperial Glory, Obama, Rye, Kinshu Domei double, Black IPA. The Columbus and Horizon were really interesting, too. Didn’t thikn much of the citrus. My freind didn’t like that one, either. Teikoku as you say was good to have alongside them and more than held it’s own. I felt the Hatsujozo, though better than the one I had at the Taproom on New Year’s eve, still needed to mature a bit. Wasn’t quite what I hoped for. Hope you enjoy these 10IPAs!
    I think Sals now also has a mini IPA fest going on.

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