Session Beer Project

I posted this a while back and it looks as though I’m not alone. Lew Bryson has proclaimed this to be the year of the session and is hoping to get brewers, bars, and us drinkers  aboard.  Well, I’ve been  aboard for a while now. 

Some of my favorite beers in the past year or so have been Minoh’s Bitter and Baird’s Nakamegura Taproom Small Batch Bitter project- with each batch following a different bitter style.  I’ve also been searching out bars that carry these swigable delights, stopping in anyplace that looks English throughout the Tokyo/Yokohama area with mild success.   The best place I’ve found in the last year is, unfortunately, in Hong Kong.  The Globe offered me many a night of mild/bitter imbibing and mornings with a more than manageable (or non-existant) hangover. 

Oh, how I do love session ales.  I’d love to see this style catch on in Japan. 

On the web: The Session Beer Project


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