There’s Bears in that thar tiny island nation

If you’ve been to any decent craft beer bar lately I’m sure you’ve seen Bear Republic’s offerings on tap.   I know Thrash Zone has it, I know some Tokyo joints have it, and I know I don’t have it because I’m no where near a watering hole that would serve such tasty delights.   So, go forth and drink well! My friend, who is close to a watering hole with said tasty delights, tells me that the Hop Rod is f@#%$ing fantastic on tap, which doesn’t surprise me in the least since it is quite tasty in bottles, too.   I can’t say I was all that happy to hear how great it is (over and over again) since the lines may be dry by the time of my return, but for the rest of you that should be more than enough reason to try your tongue at one.  

In other, news (that may or may not be at all true) I’m told that another of San Diego’s finest will soon be at our doorstep.   Alesmith may find a new outlet in this fair country and I will be first in line if that’s the case.   I don’t know if it’s just bottles or (hopefully) on draught but it would make sense that it is draught since I’ve seen a few of their beers in bottles over the course of the last year. Will keep my ears open and will relate any new news when I can.


One thought on “There’s Bears in that thar tiny island nation

  1. Sorry had a Hop Rod Rye at Thrash tonight…good news on the Alesmith I am yet to try any of their beers considering they are 3000+ yen at tanakaya. keep us up to date!

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