Another installment in what seems like a series of mini-beer events at Thrash Zone is planned for this Saturday (the 7th).  Thrash collaborated with Yokohama Brewery and a cream ale/west coast IPA (one regular and one that has been dry hopped with amarillo hops) has been brewed and will have it’s release at 3pm (notice the early opening time).  For a mere 2000 yen you get a pint of this new liquid, some light food, and a t-shirt.  Yes, a t-shirt.  I’m pretty excited about the shirt new beer and will be there promptly at 1500. 

I’m curious how this is going to taste because last I checked a cream ale is real light and fairly tasteless, while an IPA is high hopped and citrus filled.  My initial assumption is that the cream ale part would “water” down the IPA part.  I guess we’ll all find out aroun 3:15 Saturday.

On the web: Thrash Zone

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