Tokyo crawling and other weekend brews

I’m in for a little crawl tomorrow night. Starting at Pangea for the all you can drink extravaganza (3,000 yen for three hours of all you can handle craft beer), moving on to Cock ‘o the Walk because I can never seem to get there any other time, then it’s off to Failte for some English beers before catching that train home (or some late night debauchery). Then on Saturday it’s off to Thrash Zone for the unveiling of Crossover brewed by Yokohama brewery. I even plan on FINALLY packaging my Oatmeal Milk Stout tomorrow afternoon. Either bottles or kegs- I haven’t decided quite yet. I’m in the process of building a DIY beer engine but not sure exactly how or when it will be done. Anyhow, a pretty solid weekend already but I’m sure I’ll add a stop or two in there somewhere.
What are your plans for this weekend? Are you taking it easy in preparation for St. Paddy’s day?


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