Be on the lookout

Sometimes I feel I should stick to writing just about Japanese breweries.  The problem is that I like beer no matter it’s country of origin.  That is why I was pretty darn happy when I heard that yes, more West Coast U.S. brews are on their way to Japan.  A refresher of Stone, Green Flash, and Speakeasy (possibly with a couple of their beers that weren’t here last time), along with Ballast Point and (hopefully, but I guess not 100% yet) Alesmith.  I hope to be drinking some of this stuff in the next week or so- at the latest early April.  My taste-buds await.  

Oh, hope St. Paddy’s day finds you in good beer (not green beer).  I think I’ll be hitting up my local Irish pub, The Morrigan’s, for a pint of Guinness; though I may head up to Yokohama and seek out a better stout.  In any event, a cool, dark, malty beverage is in my future.


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