Pub Review: Pivo

Few things get my heart pumping like walking through the door of a pub that’s new to me. It had been a while since I’ve felt that rush and decided it was time to check out Pivo, a newish Czech Beer Bar near the Tennocho station on the Sotetsu line.pivo-19mar2009-008

Bernard Cerné Pivo 13°


Opened around the last quarter of 2008, this place is the newest good beer bar (that I know of) in the Yokohama area. Continuing the awesome tradition of small bars, this place can probably seat 15, with standing space for a handful more. Brightly lit, and a very clean, if cluttered atmosphere greeted me as I walked in the completely empty bar. I never like that. Sure, it means I can chat up the barkeep, but I like to see a good bar as busy as possible. O well, it got a little busier later in the evening. Anyhow, Pivo only has four taps, and when I was there only three beers were being served, but they were solid, difficult to find brews that kept me interested. Dark beers by Kozel and Bernard, with Pilsner Urquell flowing through a tap as well. I’ve had Urquell plenty of times in the past, always hoping to find a non-skunked green bottle- but failing each time. My mouth was watering as the mug was filled. As the beer crossed my lips I was in heaven. It tasted nothing like my previous meetings with Urquell.19mar2009-005  Soft, yet crisp hops, beautiful light malt aromas and flavors refreshed me and got me in the mood to strike up a conversation with the owner. Right, back to the bar. His reason for opening Pivo is as good as I’ve ever heard- he wanted to drink good Czech beer. I can find nothing wrong with that, and although I wish he had more beers going, I can find little else wrong with Pivo. Next time you’re in the mood for a good Czech lager, why not hit up Pivo? With Urquell being the house beer there is a good chance you’ll see me at the counter with a mug of it in front of me.


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3 thoughts on “Pub Review: Pivo

  1. Dammit. went there last monht and haven’t done the review yet. Nice one!
    Yes, it’s a nice little bar which hasn’t perhaps had time to attract many customers yet.
    The urquell here is indeed the best I’ve had in Japan. One thing I love that the owner does is that he controls the temp of all his beer and actually posts the temp online! Fantastic! Gives me confidence in the man and his beer.
    Also recommend BeerRock in ShimoKitazawa. another new bar no one seems to know about.

  2. whitey7183

    Excellent point about the owner controling hte temp of the beer, Chuwy. It’s rare to find a pub that does that in Japan- I can think of only a select few and I’ve been thinking about this all morning.

  3. Far, far too many otherwise outstanding bars continue, nay, INSIST on serving their beers at crazily chilled temperatures, regardless of wether it’s a plain lager or a real ale or Belgian trippel. It’s jsut stupid andisn’t going to help anyone in teh long run. The customers need to be educated as to how to drink beer and that all beer is not the same. Hopefully then the beers can be presented at their maximum potential and more people will come to respect the fantastic choices that lay in the Japanese craft beer world. Unitl then, I’ll just have to order that pilsner and drink it while my IPA defrosts.

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