Four pretty minis


The waiting game is the hardest part of homebrewing.  I used my mini kegs for the first time tonight and I don’t think I’ll ever use bottles again (save for the few from each batch I’d like to hold on to or ship somewhere).  

The pyramild
The pyramild

With the minis I only have to clean and sanitize four kegs as opposed to 50 or so bottles.  Less time, less cleaning, more happiness.  The mild ended with a 1.011 FG, right in the range I was hoping for.  It’s been cool lately and I was worried about under-attenuation, but it looks like that was unnecessary.  The non-carbonated beer tasted pretty decent, though I’ve been tricked before…  Hopefully two weeks from now I’ll be tapping the first five liters and having a session of homebrewed mild ale.


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