Black and Japan

While I don’t order one that often, a black and tan is a nice change of pace when the best brew on offer is Guinness.  Classically paired with Bass Pale Ale, it’s a good looking drink that is damn near a prerequisite for a barkeeper working in abt32 faux Irish pub.  The other night, for some unknown reason, I was in the mood for the layered delight.  Still sore from too much football and not enough preparation, I wanted to make one at home instead of hitting up The Morrigan’s Irish pub.  My first attempt was an utter failure.  Kirin’s Ichibanshibori Stout and Suntory Premium Malts don’t layer.  That stout must not be a “real” stout after all (surprised?  I’m not).  Anyhow, the next day I picked up a can of Guinness and Kamakura Brewery’s Pale Ale.  The two layer nicely and produce a real tasty drink.  The pale’s malts and light hops really tone down the sour, roasted malts of the Guinness.  I actually enjoy this combo more than the Guinness/Bass original.  

Anyone else made a black and tan with Japanese brews?  Which ones work best?  Worst?


7 thoughts on “Black and Japan

  1. Capa

    I think the Guinness tasted better mixed with the Kamakura brew, actually. But, I’m not a big fan of Guinness anyhow- especially in can form.

  2. You could be right, there.
    Used to drink a bit of it when I first came to these shores, but not any more. Even before I came to Japan and before I ‘discovered’ craft beer, I’d still put Guinness at the bottom of the big 3 stout makers, below Beamish then Murphy’s. Perhaps I’ll try such a cocktail, some day. Thanks for the post.

  3. although beer cocktails could be an intereting idea. Coffee stout and pale ale. Weissen and american DIPA? Rauch and marzen (schlenkerla have already done it so well)? Chalk and cheese? Pit bulls and babies? I could go on…

  4. Chuwy

    Whoah! I wouldn’t go that far! That’s moving away from the norm. Heading into insanity. That’s quite a crossover you’re talking about there.

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