Hello, Spring

photo-3I’m happy to say that my first pint on the porch of this Spring was just finished.  While it wasn’t anything interesting or Japanese it was just nice to enjoy the feel of the sun on my face and cool beer in my glass.  It may be my favorite thing to do in the world.  Pure and utter relaxation.  I need to bring home some weizens or pale ales as those taste great in this weather.  (Sorry for the photo quality, I took it with my Macbook)


And now I’m off again.  Another trip to the high seas means no drinking for this guy.   I’m already dreaming of that first pint back.  Whatever it ends up being I’m sure it will taste like gold.


3 thoughts on “Hello, Spring

  1. High seas? I had a brew on my porch on Monday. You got that right. There ain’t nothing better than a nice day, back porch, and a brew. If I could cast a line and hit the creek from my porch, I’d say that’d be as close to Heaven as you’ll ever be.

  2. I’m thinking keep the porch, the nice day and the brew and replace the line casting with a few nice nubile, intelligent (yet still like me) ladies.
    Dude, good luck on them open seas. Watch out for pirates and keep yourself safe – I was gonna make some seamen jokes but decided not to.

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