*Breaking News*

The boys over at Good Beer and Country Boys have a post up saying that Toshi Iishi is leaving Yo-Ho for a brewery in the States, hinting at maybe a return to Stone.  This is bittersweet.  While it’s awesome that Japanese brewers are recognized by the West Coast as having talents mighty enough to compete in that beer rich environemt, it’s sad that such a talented brewer is leaving the Jibeer scene.  Yo-Ho brews one of the most popular craft beers in this country, their Pale Ale, and one of the better IPAs, their Aooni.  My hope is that whoever fills his shoes at Yo-Ho keeps the brewery going strong.  Good Luck to you, Toshi Iishi!


4 thoughts on “*Breaking News*

  1. Hey! You are right about it being bittersweet. I’ve heard tale that the other guys at Yo Ho aren’t up to Toshi’s level.

    You have got to start following Stone and all the big brewers on twitter if you arent already. They are super accessible and they are the ones that direct messaged me today about Toshi. It’s also a good way to get more people in the US reading your blog!

    Here’s to Friday night and hoping that the beers flow like wine!

  2. I heard that Iishi san stopped brewing a while ago. Good luck to him. He seems like a great guy. He was in Ushi Tora a month or two back, drinking wine! He’s well liked over here and respected. Hope he makes it in the States.

  3. Capa

    I spoke to a couple people last night that said they knew about this a little while ago also, looks like it was only breaking news to me (not dogging ya, GBCBs!). I’m fine with that. But yea, definitely hope his adventures in the States go well!

  4. The two Tims know Toshi more than I do. They know him a bit better. It seems good that he’s not satisfied with staying put. always pushing new boundaries. You only get the one life, may as well go for it.

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