RateBeer Japan Gathering: Day 1

This past weekend I took part in the first ever Ratebeer.com Japan Gathering organized by my good friend Tim.  Tim knows a lot about Jibeer.  More than I’ll ever know, for sure.  A big thanks goes to him for showing those of us lucky enough to attend a good time.  Good beer and good fun were had by all!

RBJG-007I showed up a little late on opening day, arriving in the early evening at Craft Beer Bar for a couple brews before moving on to Pivovar Yokohama for their delicious Chocolate Stout.  The real meat of the night was our visit to Thrash Zone, though.  Friday’s theme was America in Japan, and TZ had an excellent lineup of brews.  11 taps and a multitude of bottles were available to us thirsty patrons and I’ll bet the vast majority of options were tried by at least one of us.  I started off with a Big Eye IPA from Ballast Point.  It was everything I look for in an IPA.

Big Eye and Ozzy
Big Eye and Ozzy

Hoppy, citrus-filled goodness.  I enjoyed a couple of their other offerings as well as a Green Flash and Bear Republic brew to boot.  Man, those Cali brewers sure know how to do hops.  I sometimes forget that living way out here, but it was a nice way to be reminded.

Friday ended fairly early for me as I wanted to be in tip-top shape for the rest of the weekend.  Tokyo pub crawling and Shizuoka brewerying.

While RBJG was a fairly small, intimate affair, it was still a rip roaring good time.  A few of the more serious beer hounds from RB flew in from England and Sweden for the event which was mighty impressive.  Hopefully they can help spread the word that Jibeer is a force to be reckoned with…in a couple years.

Day two up next.


9 thoughts on “RateBeer Japan Gathering: Day 1

  1. I perhaps shouldn’t have downed so many cheap beers and sake before geting there. I perhaps shouldn’t have stayed on till last train and drank even more good quality booze too. My head was not so good for day two but not half as bad as it felt at the start of day 3. Man, it was a good weekend.
    I must have taken at least 5 years off my lifespan.
    Lifespan schmifespan. I agree. I think the Big Eye was the best beer on there that night. It was the best Big Eye I’ve had yet. Wait, we’re still talking about beer, right? The race is on to finish the beer write ups for the weekend.

  2. I was on a slightly different schedule than the RB guys. (Have they cleaned up their web hosting security failings? I am not going there and getting infected or zombified.)
    I began using my 2-day Tokyo Metro Open Ticket on Thursday (& Friday); so I could not go to the Thrash Zone Yokohama on Friday night.
    I wound up at the Black Lion in Meguro on Friday night. It is a nice enough venue. Our proprietor recognized me; even though I had not been there since September 2007. I E-Mailed the list of draft beers to Chuwy.
    You can read elsewhere that I was at the Baird Taproom in Naka-Meguro on Saturday, and the van tour to Mt. Fuji on Sunday. I got to the Thrash Zone on Monday night.

  3. Capa

    I have drafts of two and three, but they’ll have to wait a few more days as I got real late notice I was going back to sea for a bit. Soon though, soon.

    Pudgy: You were on the van tour? We must have met then, can you give me a reminder of who you are?

  4. I rode only in the seven passenger minivan. I had a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 camera. I was wearing a “Real Ale Festival Chicago” beige T-Shirt.
    I like malty beers. The beer I most enjoyed this day was Gotemba Kogen’s dark lager.
    The all-you-can-eat curry at the restaurant was quite good, too.

  5. Capa


    Sorry it took so long for your comment to post, it got lost in my spam folder somehow. Anyhow, I agree that the Ballast Point was tasty. I really wish the Big Eye was going to be around again soon, though I doubt it. Also, I have an email somwhere that I never reponded to as I got quite busy and I’m not one to be trusted with organization, that may or may not have been from you. I know it has a link to your site, and I beileve it is because we met once in the Taproom. Can’t remember when or why, or anything else usefull, but I believe that too be true. Anyhow, I enjoy your site- definitely a must read about homebrewing here! Thanks for commenting!


  6. Probably the BEERS hanami. Don’t remember giving my details out to anyone in Taproom – mind you, with those discount beer cards in Taproom, I could have been intoxicated enough not to remember.

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