I joined the new age the other day when I finally broke down and bought a iPod Touch.  The wifi possibilities and touch screen sold me rather easily, actually.  I’m such a sucker for gadgets.  What did I do with it first?  Add bars to the map, of course.  Now when I’m up in Tokyo and in need of a pint I have to look no further than my pocket to find the closest bar.  Also, pub crawls just got a lot easier.iPod Touch I can find the best/quickest route from bar to bar with out having to find am area map on the street.  There have been plenty of instances where I’ll get to Tokyo for non-beer related errands, only to find I want a good beer before heading back to Yokosuka.  Well, now I don’t have to wander aimlessly, hoping to come across the bar I thought was in the area I’m in.  Reach in pocket, turn on iPod, find bar, drink beer, be merry.  Fantastic.  Who knew that 21st century technology would make finding the ancient art of beer drinking so much easier?

Anyone have an app reccomendation for me?  I’m addicted to this thing and have been downloading things like it’s my job.  I’ve even found myself sitting in front of my computer, iPod in hand, surfing the net through it instead of using the laptop.  What have I become?


2 thoughts on “Technology

  1. I too have the ipod touch fever. It’s a great tool and so much fun. There are a ton of great apps, some cool kanji dictionaries and things like that…but i love Flick Fishing!!!!

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