Yokohama Green Fresh

Found myself aimlessly wandering through Yokohama recently and just happened to be in the Pivovar/Yokohama area (how lucky…). I was parched from spending the better part of the evening trying out my new camera lens and was sure a bottle of water wasn’t going to quench the thirst nearly as well as a pint of something cool and hoppy.

Hand held, new lens, night.  Feel free to cut me some slack.
Hand held, new lens, night. Feel free to cut me some slack.

I knew from past research that Yokohama had anew beer out they called Green Fresh and assumed it was going to be an American style IPA. After their successful crossover ale I’m not surprised to see them stray a bit from their roots of the Czech beer styles. Saddling up to the bar I ordered a tall one. I was pretty surprised by just how cloudy this brew was. Doesn’t look like they did any filtering to it. I’m alright with that, I sometimes would prefer more breweries to ditch the filtering process all together, but that’s a discussion for another time. Now, I’m not positive it’s dry-hopped, but I’m positive it’s dry-hopped. The aroma was very grassy, something that comes from the process of dry-hopping. It had a nice grapefruit and citrus hop aroma to go along with it as well as a light caramel malt sweetness. The flavor is what convinced me it was dry-hopped. Intense grass hop notes on this bad boy. Grapefruit and light lemon hops are quite noticeable/enjoyable as well.

Green Fresh, now in W I D E  A N G L E
Green Fresh, now in W I D E A N G L E

Luckily it had a medium strength malt foundation to stand up against all of it, otherwise it wouldn’t have worked so well. What really got me was the bitter finish. Very West Coast IPA-ish. My notes aren’t very thorough, but I remember reading it was primarily cascade hops (again, USA IPA) giving the bitterness. I cought myself thinking another pint would really feel nice, but forced that thought out of my mind and got back to the lens trials. I hope it’s around for a while, though, I really enjoyed this one.


3 thoughts on “Yokohama Green Fresh

  1. Yes, one of my favourites. I prefer this to the hard to drink crossover and the strange but not quite right liberty. Although the best Yokohama beer ive had ever was the dry hopped liberty ale in McCanns one night. Tim M and I both had three pints each as it was so good.

  2. Capa

    I wish I could have tried that dry hopped crossover. I actually really enjoyed the crossover, though it may be that anything highly hopped is hitting me well right now.

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