Japan meets the Midwest

Bell's (Michigan), Hoppin' Frog (Ohio), Bluegrass (Kentucky), Great Lakes (Ohio)
Bell's (Michigan), Hoppin' Frog (Ohio), Bluegrass (Kentucky), Great Lakes (Ohio)

I love to drink local.  Why?  Many reasons, really.  First, I love supporting my neighbors and neighborhoods.  Keeping my local prosperous is goal #1 for me.  Not just in beer, but with whatever I can.  Whether it be a mom and pop corner store instead of a Walgreen’s (for my U.S. readers) or a grocery store that has ties to my community instead of a Wal-mart or some national chain that probably can’t remember how many states they operate in.  You keep your neighbors happy and they’ll keep you happy.  Second, each local has different tastes.  From the big variance of West Coast IPAs to East Coast IPAs (or West Coast to English if you want to take it a step farther).  Japan has a love affair for all things super hoppy and from the Pacific coast of the States- and I love that.  I can hardly get enough hops.  But I grew up on East Coast breweries and I’ve missed them dearly.  It was a major goal of mine to bring back some of the better Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, etc., beers to share with some buddies who haven’t had the pleasure of imbibing some Midwest products.

The first shipment came with me on the plane and I’m anxiously awaiting the rest to get here.  I bet I’m not the only one…


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