So We Meet Again, Tuesday

Finally a moment of down time in which to enjoy a couple pints on my favorite drinking night of the week: Tuesday.  It’s been a while since I’ve been able to tip a couple back mid-week like this and it feels real nice.  I decided against doing anything special and kept to beers I’ve had before, so I could just enjoy them without all that pesky thinking and contemplating that goes with new beer.  Some people don’t like “rating” beers.  That’s fine.  But I do.

Somebody needs to Bock this Rauch up a bit

It’s less about the actual rating of the beer and much more about learning about beer.  I don’t use to let the world know my opinion of the beer I just sucked down, I do it as a place to lay down my experience of a particular brew and compare it to others to see what I may have missed out on or what to look for in my next go-around with that malty (or hoppy) delight.  Contridicting myself?  Nah, they just go hand in hand though I only care about the latter of those two.  If you’re a ticker, have at it.  What makes drinking beer fun is what you enjoy about it.  Some like the shotgun a can of Super Dry.  Some like to tick off thousands of beers, rarely drinking the same thing twice.  Some like a beer to wet the palate and refresh the spirit.  I like all of the above (maybe not the Super Dry- I’m a Premium Malts imbiber).  I’ve met people who love good beer, but just want something familiar and traditional.  Others I’ve met want every brewery to be a little more like Dogfish Head (of Delaware, USA, fame), and crazy innovative and experimental.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been dissapointed in some of my favoirte beer bloggers as they’ve been attacking other beer lovers reasons for loving beer.  Why?  What does it matter that I may love to drink 20 different beers in the next 20 days and you want to stick to your two favorites?  We can still be beer buddies.  You tell me about the wonders of a classic German Helles, and I’ll tell you the wonders of an IPA brewed with seven different types of hops through my bitter beer face (thank you, Keystone).

I’ve gotten way off topic.  Here are my beers from tonight (I guess I didn’t turn off the old thinking tube completely):

Atsugi Beer Company – Lager

Atsugi Lager
Not quite the punch of Simcoe Bloody Simcoe

A fairly non-descript lager, really.  Sweet malts, very light hops and a touch of floral gives this one it’s character.  Nothing to write home about but it wasn’t bad.  I like my pale lager’s a bit dryer than this one teed up, but it’ll do in a pinch.  Atsugi is still a fairly unknown brewery for me, though I’d like to drink more.  It’s kinda local, but not really.  Local as I’ll get, though.  The Thrash Zone Simcoe Bloody Simcoe was outta sight and I’d like to see them branch out a little more in that direction.  Not necessarily to hop town, but get a bit more creative with their stuff.  I can’t imagine they sell all that much of this lager- I’ve only seen it twice and I’ve been actively looking for more Atsugi stuff.

Fujuzakura Heights Beer – Rauch Generally, I’m a huge fan of the German style brews pouring out of Fujizakura.  Their offerings always seem to satisfy my desire for fresh Malty beers.  Their Rauchbock is out of this world.  Having said that, I’m less than impressed with their regular Rauch.  It’s a bit thin.  It’s a bit on the weak side flavor wise.  It hits the check boxes for a smoked: ham, malts, smoke.  It isn’t a bad brew, and very drinkable for a smoked beer, but it’s just sorta there.


One thought on “So We Meet Again, Tuesday

  1. Chuwy

    Fujisakura have released a rauch bock and it’s not bad (we all (the ratebeer group) had it last year(?) when visiting their brewery and it was good). I actually like their rauch but yes, it could be a tad stronger and heavier bodied but I kinda like it as it is. I’m starting to go towards the rauch now and away from the weissen, which whilst still being delicious, it just a tad too light bodied and sweet for me now. I think my tastes are changing. Dare I blame the hops?
    I haven’t risked an Atsugi beer for a while now. The last one I bought was maybe 3 years and score more back. Nothing great.
    Went to the brew pub near Atsugi (suprise!) and everything there was bland at bast. The stout perhaps being the most drinkable. That’s not always saying much.
    However, having had their beer at the recent beer festivals (their Belgian triple was very good at the Grande Beier ponce fest) and yes, the Simcoe bloody simcoe was well, just that. They had 4 variations at Thrash: The normal, the simcoe dry hopped, the amarillo dry hopped and a combo of simcoe and amarillo. For me, the simcoe dry hopped was best. But all were drinkable.
    The beers may have passed their peak now, though, hop freshness wise. Thrash still has some left, so anyone who wants to try some, head to Thrash Zone in Yokohama. Even if Simcoe isn’t on tap, Koichi san has plenty to offer any hophead.
    Atsugi seems to have improved somewhat and this post of yours makes me curious to try one or two of their offerings.
    If u are passing near to their brew pub, it may be worthwhile to stop by and try some of them on tap.
    Good to see you back and posting.
    I heard you spent most of your time away, surrounded by seamen. I’m not going to make any seamen jokes, apart from that one.

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