Too Good for Words

Do you ever pull out a bottle with the intention of writing a review/description/love letter about (if you do that…)?  Only to push the pen and notepad away, lean back, and just enjoy the fuck out of it instead?  That’s what I’m about to do with this one.  Hang on, this is gonna take a while.

Westmalle Tripel from 2006



One thought on “Too Good for Words

  1. Chuwy

    I had one outside Yamaya in Shibuya, just to try a triple.
    Of course, I hadn’t had one before.
    I was a ‘triple virgin’, if you will.
    The damn thing kept spurting in my face.
    The carbonation inside kept the bubbles oozing out the top. Ended up having to keep my mouth over the neck and swallow the foamy spurtings, to avoid wasting too much and had sticky fingers and hands afterwards.
    Was quite falvoursome but very sweet.
    Wanted to take my time. The beer wouldn’t let me.
    Got a nice buzz from it, too.

    Have you tried the St.Bernardus 12?
    I did enjoy that, in my home, in a glass, at the right temp and right pace.
    I also have two Westvleterans (12&8), waiting for the right moment.
    Not a huge Belgian fan but yes, some of those beers are monsters, both strength and flavour wise.
    Can’t believe you typed ‘fuck’.
    I guess you’re leaving Japan soon, so you don’t give a f*ck?
    Good to see the mad max in you poke his ugly head out.
    F*ckityf*ckityf*ck it!

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