Pub Review: Dry Dock

With a half a day’s work behind me, and a full 24 hours of freedom before returning to the office, I decided it was high time I get back into mid-week boozing.  And what better way to get into mid-week boozing than to start on a Monday?  I headed up to Tokyo with no real bar in mind and no wifi connection to look up the Boozelist, so decided to return to an old favorite.

You'll get used to the rumbling of the trains

Dry Dock is a neat little bar tucked under the JR tracks in Shimbashi.  I remember the first time I heard of the place and saw a photo I knew I would love it.  It’s tiny, it serves good beer, and it’s located under the tracks.  A perfect boozer if you ask me.  This place really is small, though.  You enter the building and immediately head downstairs into the bar itself.

See what I mean? Tiny.

Standing room only, and only room for about 12 to stand.  The first time I was there was in the middle of a crowded summer evening and my friends and I could barely move.  It was glorious.  Luckily, Monday evening, and the chill of fall settling in, kept most people away this time.  A small group of salary men occupied one end and I the other- though we were still rubbing shoulders.  Once they left I basically had the place to myself and pulled out my trusty camera to snap a photo or two.  The beers are always in good condition and the taps rotate enough to keep the interest level up.  The night I was there two brews from Coronado Brewing Co., a couple Tsumida beers, Chimay White, and a couple others were all pouring well.  I had the two from Coronado- Idiot IPA and Orange Avenue.

Coronado Orange Ave

Both were a bit cold, but warmed up nicely and showed there depth.  Upstairs there is seating for another 8-10, but again, it’s small.  I didn’t have the food but it all smelled and looked fantastic.  I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for a full course meal, but they had solid looking appetizers and some mid sized dinner portions.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly- and they pour a nice pint, too.  If you find yourself in the Ginza area I definitely recommend Dry Dock.  Good beer with good atmosphere.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “I thought this guy was a man of action, how can that be true if he left after only two beers?”  Well, it’s true, I am a man of action.  Therefore, after those two lovely beers I headed over to The Aldgate and met up with Chuwy for a few pints there.  My first was a pint of Sankt Gallen’s amarillo dry hoped amber ale (the last one).  It was nice, though I could have used more spice to liven it up a little.

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2 thoughts on “Pub Review: Dry Dock

  1. Chuwy

    Didn’t you have 3 pints in the Aldgate, then another sneaky pint in the Nakameguro Taproom?
    I see you are a closet Alchie!
    Everybody, I tried to stop him, but he just wouldn’t listen in the Aldgate to ‘slow down, or you’ll hurt someone!’ and he gave me the slip in Nakameguro, jumping off the train.
    Some of that is partially true. Kind of.

  2. Timbo

    Chuwy – this is the Oz Tim from Guy Fawkes night.
    Met Capa last night at Naka Meguro and tried to ply him with alcohol. He was a complete gentleman and declined. That’s willpower…

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