Last JiBeer of the Year

Preston IPA is great when on, but they are very inconsistent

Before taking off for a warm and relaxing vacation for the new year I headed up to Tokyo for some shopping an, surprise, surprise, eventually made my way to the bar.  My original plan was to have a couple pints and a nice dinner at The Aldgate before heading back to home.

Isekadoya Pale Ale. Always a good choice.
Preston Stout- easy drinking and quite tasty

Thanks to the wifi on my iPod Touch I found my friends were at Ushitora’s “finish the kegs” event and leaped off the train just before it was about to pull out of the station.  Had some great beer with a couple good friends that last night drinking in Tokyo in 2009.

Super Vintage aged on Raisins - Fantastic
Iwate Kura Pale Ale - Solid pale ale
Sankt Gallen Apple Cinnamon Ale - Great seasonal

Hope everyone has a great new year.  I know I will, on some beach in Hawaii!

Hakusekikan Hurricane aged on Raisins. Best beer of the night

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