Mixed six


It’s been nearly three weeks since I left the land of the rising sun and arrived in America. In that time I’ve drank many good beers, visited many brewpubs, bars, and bottle shops. I’ve been to nine different states already and have been opened up to many breweries unknown to me before. It’s been fun so far.

The one thing I hadn’t done was to pick up that most glorious of purchases- a mixed six pack. In Japan the closest store was a 90 minute train ride away from me. At my current location in Maryland the closest beer store is maybe a five minute drive. There, I bought as much as I could afford at the time. Here, I can pick up a sixer and be on my way.

It’s nice to be home.


One thought on “Mixed six

  1. Troeginater, dude! Glad u bought it.
    I had the chance to get their cycle shirt. Missed it and now can’t find it!
    Dayam!! Great beer, gggrrreat shirt!
    Off to the cat nd cask ozeno fest now. Gonna drink, oooooooh yes…

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