Gridiron Showdown

With football starting today and a long, hopefully glorious, season ahead of us I figured it was time to unveil my plan for the season.  But, I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan.  Have been all my life and just because I now live in Philadelphia doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly change my allegiance.  Having said that, I’m a huge fan of how serious this town follows its sports teams.  I went from not caring at all about the Phillies to rooting for them (unless it’s against the Reds) because of the passion for the team in this town.  I don’t expect the same feelings toward the Eagles, but who knows.  To show good faith that I am trying to become a fan of the Eagles, I’ve decided to put together a season of showdowns featuring Philadelphia area brews against beers from the opponents state.


  • Beers pitted against each other will be of similar style to try and keep it fair.
  • To be considered the beer must be from a brewery that is within a 100-mile radius of the city the football team is from.
  • Beers will be scored on five factors: aroma, flavor, appearance, body, and overall enjoyment.
  • Beers will be awarded 7 points for each factor I’m impressed with, 3 points for each factor I still enjoy but aren’t amazing, and 0 points when it doesn’t do anything to aid my enjoyment.
  • I don’t know exactly how this is all going to work and I assume I’ll modify the scoring as the season progresses.  I haven’t yet decided if I’ll go back and adjust previous scores or leave them be as-is.
  • If it becomes impossible to find a beer from, say, Indianapolis or its surrounding area, I then grant myself the right to chose any brewery from Indianapolis’ rational fan-base to represent the Colts.  If I’m forced into that scenario then that beer will be docked a field goal from its final score as a penalty.
  • The beer does not have to come from the same state as the team so long as the beer is from within the radius.  From there, the same 3-point rule applies.  If the Jets/Giants don’t have to play in New York than why would I hold the beers that ridiculous standard?
  • In the unlikely (although growing) possibility arises that I can’t find a beer from anywhere near an opponents town, within the radius, or the rational fanbase.  I will choose a beer from the closest brewery I can find to that team.  In that case I will dock a touchdown from it’s final score.
  • A note about “rational fanbase:” it means anywhere with a large population of fans of a team even if it’s outside immediate area.  I would include much of Northern Delaware or Southern Jersey as the Eagle rational fanbase.  If, for whatever reason, Des Moines, Iowa, sported a large Eagles fanbase it would not be considered as part of the acceptable fanbase.
  • If I can’t find similar beer styles from the two areas then I can fudge it a little.  An American Strong Ale can go up against an Imperial IPA if that’s the best I can do.  No points will be docked.

My prediction for the season: Philly beers go 11-7.  Not really sure what I’m gonna do if the Eagles/Philly beers make the playoffs but I have a season to figure it out.

September 12 vs Green Bay Packers – Sly Fox Oktoberfest  vs Lakefront Oktoberfest

September 19 @ Detroit Lions – Philadelphia Newbold IPA @ Bells Two Hearted IPA

September 26 @ Jacksonville Jaguars – Victory Storm King Imperial Stout @ Holy Mackerel Mack in Black

October 3 vs Washington Redskins – Weyerbacher Fifteen vs Heavy Seas Smoke on the Water

October 10 @ San Francisco 49ers – Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale @ Anchor Humming Ale

October 17 vs Atlanta Falcons – River Horse Hopalotamus vs Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster

October 24 @ Tennessee Titans – TBD @ TBD


November 7 vs Indianapolis Colts – TBD vs TBD

November 15 @ Washington Redskins – TBD @ TBD

November 21 vs New York Giants –  Southampton Pumpkin Ale vs Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale

November 28 @ Chicago Bears – Tröegs Pale Ale @ Two Brothers Pale Ale

December 2 vs Houston Texans – Weyerbacher Blanche vs Celis White*

December 12 @ Dallas Cowboys – Yuengling Lager @ Lone Star Lager

December 19 @ New York Giants  – Stoudts Double IPA @ Captain Lawerance Imperial IPA

December 26 vs Minnesota Vikings – TBD vs TBD

January 2 vs Dallas Cowboys – TBD vs TBD

*Yes, I’m stretching this one quite a bit.  But, it is the same beer that was brewed at the Austin, Tx based Celis Brewery before it closed down and with Texas beers hard to find around here I’m letting it go.  Still, it will be docked the 7 point penalty.

As you can see, the beer match-ups haven’t all been decided yet.  I was out at the foodery today looking for good beers from around the league and this might take more work/beer hunting than originally assumed.  I’ll get them before gameday, though, don’t you worry.  I’m most concerned with finding beers from Indianapolis, Nashville, and Dallas.  That’s three beers, which is worrisome, but we’ll get there.  If you know of some good beers that can fit in to the schedule I’m all ears (I need to be able to find them in the Philadelphia area)

I have a feeling I’m going to make a lot of revisions to the scoring as the season progresses.  I already have a growing list of changes to make for next season.  The biggest change will be to start gathering the beers earlier so I can assure myself of finding beers from all of the Eagles opponents cities instead of what I’m having to do this year.

I can’t wait for kickoff!


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