Good Beer and Takeout

I’ve had enough wallowing in self pity about the lack of good beer and the expense of it all out here. It’s time to take advantage of what I do have and move on with my life. So here is my first step.

My wife had to work late the other night so I was left all alone to my devices. What was I to do? I’d been in the mood for some local-ish cuisine of late so thought it was time to indulge.

Mmmezza and beer
Mmmezza and beer

I couldn’t be bothered to make the two-minute walk to my local schwarma stand so I phoned in an order from some random “greasy spoon” type joint a few kilometers away. Hummus, Kebbah, and a schwarma plate; I do love the food in this region. I was in the scholarly mood so I went looking for the best beer pairing for my meal of adequate middle eastern cuisine (the food was OK, passable, but meh. About what I expected, though). I decided that fried kebbah and hummus would probably pair well with a pilsner while the schwarma would need something a little more substantial to wash away the spice and grease of the meat. Sierra Nevada Summerfest, though a little out of season (however, is summer ever out of season in the middle east?), was the obvious choice to start and luckily, I had just picked up some Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA the other day. Boom, dinner decided.

The hummus was ok. The kebbah (my first experience with it) was rather nice. Lamb meat filled, deep fried bulgur, spice. Tasty. The Summerfest did its job perfectly; tearing through the oil and grease of the kebbah while light enough to compliment the hummus without overpowering it.

DFH_60_SchwarmaThe schwarma, much like the hummus, left a fair amount to be desired. It wasn’t bad and it had plenty of spice, it was just boring. However, the 60 Minute IPA really saved the day. Each bite was cleaned up with a gulp of the grassy delight. If only the schwarma had been better, this would have been a meal to redo. Since it was not, I’ll just have to give it a go with better hummus and schwarma- but the beers will stay the same.

Hummus has long been a favorite of mine, and, as a man who loves tasty things, I of course love schwarma. The kebbah was new to me. It isn’t a dish that will turn my world on its head, but one I’m glad I tried and will go for again.


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