Burgers, Beers, Bahrains.
Burgers, Beers, Bahrains.

Bahrain Burgers, Taproom, and Brewery* finally served their first local beer to round out the trifecta of naming, and it was…pretty decent. I wasn’t expecting too much- it was my first brew in more than a year. I snagged a porter kit from Midwest Brewing (the kit is tasty, I’m not knocking it) and brewed up the all-grain batch a couple months back. Simple, straightforward, solid. I chose a kit because I was confident that it would be good, I didn’t have to worry about formulating, and I could focus on the things that have previously held me back: process. I’ve been struggling with my process for a while now- mostly because my last four batches have been brewed in four different “breweries.” When there is no continuity, for me at least, there is no process and there is no way I’ll be able to brew a proper batch. Our current location offers up more space than I’ve had in years, which means plenty of room to spread out and organize the equipment.

It was a glorious brew day.

I cleaned and sanitized with full confidence in the cleanliness. I boiled water, I steeped grains, I added hops, I pitched the yeast, all without feeling rushed, cramped, or pressured.

I’ve had some bad batches of late, which has put some severe strain on my brewing enjoyment. But this was a success. Not an award winner, not a brewpub opener, just a solid beer.

It’s a little thin, a little under carbonated, but there is nothing wrong with it. It isn’t infected, it doesn’t taste off, it is as a porter should be.


We also made delicious burgers tonight. They seriously rocked.  A mixture of pork and beef, with a plethora of spices and topped with caramelized onion jam awesomeness. Seriously. Awesomeness.

(*Not a real brewery, taproom, or burger joint. But, if you know the password you can get all three)

One thought on “Forward

  1. Kevin Backer

    Homebrew adventure in Bahrain….sounds great!
    I work across the cause way and have managed to bring in a few kits from when I was recently back home….dry hopped pale ale, porter, cream stout….get in touch for a brew swap or how to get some malt over here!

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