Macro Showdown: German Wheat + Wildcard

It’s been a while so, let’s have a showdown! Weiss, weizen, wheat, whatever. It’s not my favorite style and I generally go for anything else at a bar when confronted with it as a choice. And no, an orange slice doesn’t make it any better; this isn’t Corona (I realize you put a lime in Corona but please make the connection, folks).  However, wheat beers are pretty common and rather popular if you look around a bit.

Which Wheat will Win?
Which Wheat will Win?

The small selection of choices out here usually contains a couple wheat options. A couple weeks ago those couple of options grew rapidly into four, FOUR, different options. What was a man, even a wheat beer disliker such as myself, to do? Well, a showdown, of course.

All the previous showdowns have been a one man operation. However, luckily for me, I have a great wife who was eager to play along this time. That meant I could finally do one of these blind. I drank the beers, my wife did all the bar tending.  Let’s get to it.

Benediktiner Weissbier – 5.4%

I’d never heard of this one before my local bottle shop started carrying Benediktiner earlier this year. I grabbed a sixer a few months back and liked it enough to pick up more when this showdown came about. This has the darkest body of the bunch. An aroma of light spice and wheat with mild sweetness. The flavor carries the theme through and is the most flavorful of the group but there was something about it I just couldn’t get thru, which kept me from really enjoying it. How did it fare stacked up against some competition? Well, if you are a fan of the showdowns you know the first one up is the first one out, so not well. I would say this one didn’t really compete for a medal (the Olympics are coming up, enjoy the reference).


Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen – 5%

The quickest way to get on my good side is to not skimp on the serving size. From the moment I first laid my eyes on Schöfferhofer, a solid 10 months ago, I knew I would like it. The odd thing was that once I decided to mix it up with some other wheats I assumed this would be my least favorite. The -hof surprised me. A deep golden and a tall white head on this one. Decent aroma of clove and yeast. Solid spice lead-in. I half expected a bubblegum or banana bomb but that teaches me to judge without knowing the facts first. The flavor is what ends Schöfferhofer’s gold medal run at bronze. Not nearly as much spice, yeast, or clove as the aroma suggests. Muted was the word that first came to mind when I took a sip.

Large and third in charge
Large and third in charge

Hoegaarden – 4.9%

You’re asking yourself what has become of my beer prowess, aren’t you? Why would I include a Belgian witbier in a showdown of German weizens? Well, my store had it, for starters. And more than that, Hoegaarden is what people think of when they think wheat beer. Sure, you could argue Blue Moon, but Blue Moon is only popular because Hoegaarden opened the door for it. So I had the opportunity to stake the most well known wheat against some lessor known wheats and see what could be so different. My initial thought, before the competition began, was that I would be able to pick out the Hoe, even blindfolded, but it wouldn’t be all that different of a beer, relatively speaking. I was wrong. I’ve never been of the impression that Hoegaarden has all that much flavor going on in it, but when you take away sight, and focus purely on smell and taste, the profile really zings ya. Citrus, lemon, light spice, and light floral notes in the flavor and aroma. Easily the most carbonated of the players. I actually really enjoyed this one. I did not expect that. I’ve had it so many times that I stopped paying attention to it when I was drinking it but that ends now. I’ll be pretty happy when the best thing some corner dive bar has on is Hoegaarden from now on.

This Hoe ain't so dirty
This Hoe ain’t so dirty

Hacker-Pschorr Weisse – 5.5%

In the span of four short months, I have gone from a Hacker newbie to a Pschorr promoter. I had a couple of their offerings in Munich during Oktoberfest, I picked up some Munich Gold a month or so ago here, and most recently grabbed a six pack of their Weisse. All have been really enjoyable German brews, surpassing all my expectations. The Hacker-Pschorr Weisse is full of spice and yeast, clove, and light bubblegum. The flavor is a touch of sweet malt, but mostly the nice spicy clove and soft wheat notes. Unlike the Schöfferhofer, the spicing isn’t muted in the flavor compared to the aroma. I’m sad I only grabbed one six pack as I could easily drink a few of these in a night. This is a really solid, enjoyable wheat beer.

Pschorr number 1!
Pschorr number 1!

At the end of the day I can say with absolute confidence that none of these are going in my top ten beers. It’s not their fault entirely, it’s just that exist within a style that I really don’t find much enjoyment in. Having said that, I do have a newfound understanding of the flavors in the beers. I really enjoy the spicier wheat beers with clove and yeast showing through. The Belgian witbier style is something I need to dive deeper into since that was a sure eye-opener. And if I ever run into a Hacker-Pschorr Weisse again, I’ll be sure to have at least one round of that hazy delight.

Podium Moment
Podium Moment

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