Beer Goals : 2017

I’m still a bit confused that 2016 is almost over. I’m not confused about how that works, just that where did it go? Being at sea for more than eight months this year leads to the confusion. It also led to very few of my beer goals for the year actually getting accomplished. Sure, I drank local beers in a few countries I’d never been to (S. Korea, Singapore, Guam (not a country, I get it)) but there were certain beer things I’ve been excited to explore that I didn’t. I’m hoping I can make 2017 a bit more productive. I’m not a resolution kind of guy so that’s not what this is. Just a general plan of attack for the upcoming 365.

  1. Brew. I haven’t seriously brewed in years. I got a couple batches brewed in Bahrain, but I really want to get on the brewing train again. I’m excited to get some porters, milds and saisons churned out. Mrs. Tuesday Pints has been … encouraging me for a while and hopefully I can finally meet her expectations (she really wants some spent grain for her bread making).
  2. Brew a lager. This is probably my most adventurous goal for the year. I’m not sure how far I’ll get on it but I’d love to down a few home-brewed Oktoberfest biers come September.
  3. Visit Chuckanut Brewing. My love for a good lager has been growing exponentially over the previous two to three years and I’ve heard great things about their Chuckanut’s lagers. I was fortunate enough to get a taste of their Vienna not too long ago and it only intensified my desire to get to the source. We already have a trip lined up to visit the area so I’m fairly confident this will get checked off pretty quickly.
  4. Visit all Kitsap Peninsula breweries. The brewing scene on the peninsula has improved steadily since I moved out here with multiple breweries opening/expanding/brewing better beer in 2016. I’ve been able to get to a handful of them but am looking to make a hard push during 2017 to get to the ones I haven’t visited.
  5. Drink the classics. Sure, that cognac barrel aged imperial sour flanders-style brett ale is expanding what the definition of beer is but is it really a world-class beer? I want to get back to the classics that inspired this beer revolution we are currently enjoying. Beers like Sierra Nevada Pale ale (geez, when was the last time I drank one of these?), Chimay, Pilsner Urquell (OK, I drink this fairly often as it is), and many others that started us down the road to the maple bacon spruce no hop stout.
  6. Visit Machine House Brewing. They make great English-style ales. English ales are some of my favorites. Balanced malt and hop and made for easy drinking. Sometimes I need a break from all the high-octane hop bombs or weird ass stouts and just need a pint of a cool English ale pulled from a cask.
  7. Explore Tacoma’s beer scene. Seattle is the hub city of great beer in Washington. Makes sense to me for a variety of reasons. However, Tacoma seems like a great town. There are loads of breweries and great bars at the bottom of the sound. The city itself seems a bit more relaxed than Seattle and speaks the Mrs and I more than Seattle does.
  8. Visit Heater Allen Brewing. Another lager fueled brewery on my short list of brewery visits. I’ve snagged HA beers each time the Mrs and I have made it to Oregon and each has been fantastic. That pils … whoa. It’s time to make a stop and see where it comes from.
  9. Group gatherings. This is something I used to do on the regular and really enjoyed. I haven’t attended a group gathering in years but with all the stellar brews out here it would be great to join in the fun a bit again. Not to mention, bombers of a 12% BA Impy Stout on a Wednesday night can get a bit difficult by yourself.
  10. Improve my beer photography. I have always enjoyed photography and beer and combining the two. I’ve gotten real lazy with my beer photography and I’d like to improve it. More creative scenes, better lighting, thoughtful composition and stop with my tried and true bottle in front of glass *snap* post to instagram routine I’m currently stuck in.
  11. Get out more. Due mostly to my current location, I do the vast majority of my beer nerding at home. It wasn’t always this way and I’d like to move away from that a bit. I prefer being among the people. At breweries, at great taverns, at dive bars, at festivals.
  12. Visit Deschutes Brewing. They’re kind of a big deal, make great beer, and aren’t too far away. Gotta take advantage of my location and get down there.
  13. Blog more. I’d still like that to become a reality …
  14. Somehow convince PNW breweries to move away from the bombers. I’m just so tired of everything coming in a bomber. I’d love more 16 oz bottles but would be happy with 12 oz bottles/cans.
  15. Beer Festivals. This goes along with #11, but I haven’t been to a beer festival in a few years. It would be nice to get to a festival and “discover” some new local beers.

And there we go. I was striving for 17 but I got worn out by #12 so I figured I’d end it at a nice and neat 15. If I manage to knock out half of these this year I’ll consider it a successful year in beer.



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