Madness : Day 3 (It’s getting difficult)

You’ll notice this is quite late. Quite. But, if you read yesterday’s post you’ll see that it was hard to keep up during the previous day’s slate of games and this is day three. My wife says it’s because this bender has moved to day three. I think it’s because … well I think she is right.

There are fewer games today so there should be fewer drinks, right? Wrong. Well, maybe right. Hell, I don’t know. Clarity isn’t my strong suit right now.

Today started like they all should. Coffee with booze. I moved on to a sessionable ale while I watch my bracket fade to black when Villanova lost. new Belgium Dayblazer was on point if you open your mind a bit and realize straight sessionable ales aren’t flavor powerhouses. Once my bracket was shit, I needed a pick me up so I moved to Pelican Brewing’s Captain of the Coast Wee Heavy. That is a helluva beer. Easily the best I’ve had in quite some time. I hate using this word for beer but it really fits here: Luxurious. After getting a through that beautiful beer, I opened a German Lager of joy, Hirsch Doppelbock. It’s a malty delight of dark and delicious proportions.

German beer delight.
Nice can.

I’m going to try to stick with things better the rest of the evening but I’m already drunk … so…


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