Biruski : An Ode to Greatness


Hair of the Dog brewing is closing later this year. I met that initially with shock and dismay, because how could such an important, well revered brewery close after so many years of success? Upon learning that the owner, Alan Sprints, wants to retire and not sell out to big beer or anything like that my respect for the company grew to unknown heights. He is sticking to his morals, to his ethics and for that, I am glad to have known HotD. I’m also stocked that I was able to visit the brewpub in Portland a few years back. We didn’t spend too much time there- long enough for a couple beers and to meet with an old friend, but it was an enjoyable visit to one of the true foundations of great craft beer.

My one and only visit

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to make it back before they close nor do I have time to search out their more well known (to me) offerings so I grabbed the two cans I came across recently as my final farewell to them.

Just a couple super quick notes. Nothing in-depth and no poetic waxing. I wanted to sit back and enjoy the last few sips rather than over think the whole experience.

Blue Dot : 7%

I got the Blues

Soft, fruity, malty. It’s a bit of a throw back with plenty of bright fruity notes yet a good sweet malty base. Such a pleasant brew. Fresh, this is a killer. A little older like this can and it’s still a nice beer that I could drink two or three.

Green Dot : 9.5%

Dot Dot Dot

Somewhat similar to the Blue with a bit more of that fruit and obviously more sweet malt and booze. Bright fruits over some light and clean toasted malt. The focus is on the fruity hops. Very enjoyable and easy going for the strength.

One for the Road

Enjoy retirement and thanks for everything you gave us beer nerds. Cheers.

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