Kitsap Breweries : Bainbridge Island

Well, my recaps of the peninsula breweries is definitely behind. On the bright side, my visits to these breweries is chugging forward. I’ve got a few in the queue, so let’s get one knocked out right now.

Industrial Park brewing.

A few weeks back, my wife and I ventured out on a drizzly day to Bainbridge Island and made a stop to the local brewery cleverly named: Bainbridge Island Brewing. Oh, those creative business types. It just so happened to coincide with Washington Beer Open House, so not only did we kick back a couple tasty brews, we got a guided tour of their cramped but effective brewing space.

Love that stained glass

Bainbridge is located in what feels like a hybrid industrial park and strip mall. It’s interior has a craftsman, nearly a log cabin feel to it with lots of natural wood. A relatively small downstairs is augmented with a loft offering quite a bit more seating. While they don’t offer up food of their own (other than simple snacks. We had cheese and crackers) they do bring in a rotation of food trucks (with the schedule on a big chalkboard) and you can always bring in whatever else you might want to chew on.

Res Judicata

But why do we really go to breweries? It’s not the food or the atmosphere even. We go for the beer. Bainbridge brews up many tasty beers and they seem to be slowly expanding into the barrel aged and sour realm lately, too. We shared a couple flights plus added a couple tasters and got through pretty much their entire lineup that day. I’m not generally a fan of fruited IPAs but their Grapefruit IPA was solid and might be the best of the style that I’ve had. Their new sour, Res Judicata, was tart, tasty and a solid first offering. It has me excited to see what else they might pump out in that capacity.

We enjoyed a tour of the brew house by the head brewery and co-founder. He took the time to explain the ins and outs of their system, the highs and lows of their current size, what is pushing them forward and holding them back. It was a very honest and refreshing conversation.

Bainbridge is doing some good stuff out of a fairly packed environment. Their bottled offerings are getting easier to find and their tap only brews are definitely worth trying if you see them on somewhere. I’d be more of a regular if Bainbridge Island weren’t so damn far out.

Bunch o’ Hops