Home Brew Notebook

Winter brings it’s own challenges to the ale brewer.  Temps are lower than ideal for the yeast to ferment properly.

Primary: Closed

Secondary: “ESP ESB”

Conditioning: N/A

Drinking: “My Kinda Cider”

Next Brew:  Closed


#001 Oatmeal Milk Stout

#002 Mild Ale

#003 American IPA – No post on this one.  Don’t know what happened but it was damn near hop less even after 4, 1oz additions.  I think the problem, actually, was that I should have added my DME later in the boil to up the hop utilization.  You live and learn…

#004 – My Kinda Cider.  Four gallons of apple juice with some malts and DME to boost the body, flavor, and sweetness while killing off some of the thin sourness that comes from fermented apple juice alone.  Sanitation problem was cured but my luck hadn’t returned either.  At one point the wort reached the ungodly temp of 30 degrees in the primary!  I’m kegging it this weekend but am expecting some real off flavors in this bad boy.

#005 – ESP ESB: A semi-clone of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord.  I modified it a bit by combining it with another recipe as well as using pale chocolate malt.


6 thoughts on “Home Brew Notebook

  1. Chuwy

    I’m thinking to do a dunkelweissen or hefeweisen sometime soon.
    Maybe a pilsner too, as it’s nice and cold in the brewroom!
    Let us know how it comes out. p.s. any recipe ideas?

    1. Capa

      I’ve got a Bitter and a Hefe upcoming. Can’t wait for that bitter! I’m looking forward to the Hefe, too, because I’ll be splitting it when moving it to the secondary so I can ferment half on fruit and leave the other half alone. Should be a fun comparison.

      Let me know how that lager comes out! I was thinking about doing one this fall but with two ales still left to do before March gets here I doubt I’d be able to drink all that beer before I have to move! Good luck!

  2. Michael

    Finishing up the last of my summer Koelsch, with an altbier in the primary – should be kegging it up this weekend.

    Next brew (26 Nov) will be a Rogue Dead Guy clone…

  3. Chuwy

    Just brewed up aa rauch weizen last night. Its fermenting away at 20 but I’ll bring it down with an iced water bath to about 17C when I get home. Long brew day. Turned out to be a triple decoction. Using Bavarian liquid yeast (the paltinum series – starter tasted lovely).

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