Weekend anthem


BEER, beer, glorious beer!  Fill yourselves right up to here!  Drink a good deal of it—make a good meal of it, Stick to your old fashion’d beer!  Don’t be afraid of it—drink till you’re made of it— Now altogether, a cheer!  Up with the sale of it—down with a pail of it— Glorious, glorious beer!

(From the book “A Tankard of Ale: An Anthology of Drinking Songs”)

This weekend, my first back on dry land, will be chock full of glorious beer.  A night in Yokohama, a pub crawl through Tokyo, and a day trip to the fuji area for some brewery tours.

I can’t wait…

2 thoughts on “Weekend anthem

    1. Capa

      Looking forward to it. I’m about to head out for Yokohama as I type this…looking like an awesome weekend!

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